Chancellor Creative is driven by what makes us feel alive and we want to connect with others who share the same ethic of tirelessly working toward achieving their dreams. We’re actively seeking all styles and levels of artists with the same burning desire to follow their calling.

For artist endorsements, Chancellor Creative is looking to collaborate and to work with talented groups or individuals to create a unified partnership. We care a lot about what we do and we want you to feel the same. We can offer clothing and accessory endorsements and we take pride in those who champion our products. We are willing to help and support you as an artist, and we hope you will do the same for our us.

There are several things we seek when choosing artists to endorse, but the main features we look for are dedication and loyalty. Enthusiasm for our company should go hand in hand with an unwavering focus on your talents. We look for artists who are passionate about what they do. We are looking to help you, but in return we do want you to help us as well. Becoming an endorsed artist means becoming a loyal part of the Chancellor Creative family.

With an endorsement, you can expect discounted and/or promotional Chancellor Creative apparel and accessories, exclusive merchandise production, custom website creation and/or creative direction assistance, access to press opportunities, and so much more. Submit your application below.

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