Anakin - Celestial Frequency Shifter [+]

Anakin - Celestial Frequency Shifter [+]

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Celestial Frequency Shifter is an optimistic and honest creation. While the album plays on the San Diego quartet's real-life experiences, it’s abstract approach is by design. In a vast universe full of unknowns, the band's positive outlook on life, accompanied by their obsession with outer space and the great beyond, are intended to present hope to those who need it... wherever they may be. As the unique album title suggests, when we seek to discover our individual purpose on this Earth, sometimes a subtle mental shift can help us unlock the secrets of who we really are.


  1. Astro[not]

  2. Cosmosapien

  3. Lucidity

  4. Satellite

  5. Apollo

  6. Clairvoyance

  7. Artificial

  8. Ctrl.Alt.Del

  9. Protostar

  10. Sunbeam

1st press limited to 500 copies: Translucent [350] / Blue Translucent [150]

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