Anakin - Random Accessed Memories [+]

Anakin - Random Accessed Memories [+]

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Random Accessed Memories is a stunning, lost-in-space love letter that swells and blooms, while simultaneously rocking balls. Anakin immediately introduces to the listener what’s in store; multiple layers of pile driving power chords perfectly paired with a driven, directive rhythm section. It’s a simple, pure, and heartfelt journey from the start. The band is clearly on a mission with this album, as it travels at light speed across soundscapes that are so patient and introspective; so perfectly punctuated. Random Accessed Memories is a heavy, yet delicate piece of work.


  1. Action-Reaction

  2. All Systems Go

  3. Send/Receive

  4. Magnified

  5. Abort.Retry.Fail

  6. The Departure

  7. Disconnect

  8. Constellations

  9. Runtime Error

  10. End Transmission

1st press limited to 500 copies: Translucent [350] / Red Translucent [150]

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