Gleemer - Moving Away

Gleemer - Moving Away


Moving Away is a delectable slice of dream pop sparkle from prolific Colorado quartet Gleemer. Over the course of the record, the band delivers track after track of gorgeous chorus-drenched guitar riffs and walls of reverb soaked soundscapes, wrapped in a polished package of shoegaze bliss. The album is complete with elegantly delicate vocals and beautiful melancholic lyricism, which melts within the band’s overall depth and emotion. Quite simply, Moving Away sits in the calm between storms. The album is a heart-wrenching moment of reflection and Gleemer shines through with hope-induced perspective.


  1. Gauze

  2. Heater

  3. Fall Out

  4. Lily

  5. Cool Back

  6. Champ

  7. Trade Up

  8. Dragging

  9. Long Hair

2nd press limited to 500 copies: Mint Translucent [150]

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