The Darling Fire

When immersed in darkness, the absence of light can be disorienting. Sounds are amplified, minutes are elongated, and thoughts become unharnessed. After some time, your senses start to adjust. Nondescript features become more defined, muffled sounds become more audible, and tied tongues become more articulate. From the darkness, a sense of clarity can emerge and vision can develop from its own absence. This experience is The Darling Fire.

A veritable mosaic of indie notoriety, The Darling Fire features members of The Rocking Horse Winner, Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, and Shai Hulud. The collective sum of the parts that make up the fabric of this band and the alluring heart-on-sleeve lyrics produce an intimate, spacey and bewitching experience — an authenticity that speaks to the cathartic nature of the project.

Selecting the right producer to bring the band’s vision to life was of paramount importance. In all of the band’s discussions, there was one name that seemed appropriate for a project of this magnitude — J. Robbins. Aside from the list of impressive production credits [The Dismemberment Plan, The Promise Ring, Against Me!], Robbins was also a formative member of Jawbox and Burning Airlines. The result of this epic collaboration was a powerful coalescence of artistry and vision.