We aim to inspire through impeccable design and attention to detail. Below is a sample list of design services routinely available at Chancellor Creative. If you have a creative need that is not highlighted, please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project and we’ll work with you to create a customized plan of attack.

  • Identity•Your logo can be your most powerful marketing tool. A carefully designed logo can communicate a perfectly packaged message to your target audience. It can convey boldness, or elegance. You can communicate things like exclusivity, dependability, and excitement. Logos act as visual shortcuts to businesses; a connection that could initiate brand loyalty for life.

  • Website•The internet is busting at the seams with websites. A million new sites have launched since you started reading this and the amount of newsletters vying for your attention in your inbox grows by the minute. Let us set you apart from your competition with a sleek and beautiful website [mobile version included] to match your brand and deliver your message with style.

  • Stationary•Your business card might be someone’s first impression of your brand. Having a card design that stands out from the rest will create a memorable impression on the recipient. Great stationery like letterhead and envelopes might just be the extra touch that makes a loyal customer or attracts a new client. It’s also an excellent way to show brand consistency.

  • Apparel•People want to wear clothes that look cool, or say things that they want to say. What if you had awesome designs that your customers want to wear regardless of the branding?! Explore unique, trend-forward ways to market your brand with custom apparel.

  • Packaging•Having a great product isn’t always enough. Your packaging can have a significant effect on the perception of your brand. In today’s world of first impressions, the look and feel of your packaging can be just as important as the quality of your product.

Each creative solution is custom designed to help you achieve your business goals. We price per project rather than hourly so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be investing upfront and we can focus on the most important aspects of your project. We offer customized package options that accommodate a spectrum of business needs and budgets.


We offer every print solution imaginable at Chancellor Creative. If it can be printed, we have you covered. Below is a sample list of print services and techniques we handle on a regular basis. If you don’t see your specific printing need listed, please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project and we’ll put together a free customized quote.

  • Offset printing transfers an inked image from a plate to a rubber surface and is then rolled onto paper. This is the most common printing method for high volumes.

  • Digital printing is a simple process that uses toner or liquid ink. This is typically used for lower quantities and variable printing.

  • Sublimation is a printing process where waxy ink is heated to a pre-set temperature that is high enough to allow the ink to vaporize and instantly bond with a special type of paper.

  • Letterpress is an age old printing technique that creates an impression by pressing a metal type into paper.

  • Foil stamping is a heat-pressing technique that applies a foil image to a printed design.

  • Screen printing is a common process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. The stencil opening creates the space through which the ink will go to create the design. The ink is then pushed over the mesh, pulled by a fill blade or squeegee. As the blade is pulled, the ink is pushed through the mesh, onto the garment.

  • DTG or Direct To Garment is the new go-to printing technique in which a printer directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology. It’s sort of like printing on paper, except on a t-shirt. A special printer prints the ink directly onto the garment in the desired design. DTG uses specialty water-based inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

  • [Apparel] Sublimation is the process of printing onto a special sheet of paper, and then transferring that image onto fabric. The ink is heated until it disintegrates into the corresponding fabric. This dye-printing technique allows designs to be displayed “all over” the printable area.

  • [Apparel] Foil print is applied to garments in a two-step process by first applying your design using an adhesive ink, then we apply the foil and heat. After heating, excess foil is removed, leaving only your shiny design.

  • Embroidery is the technique of using a needle to apply thread to a garment. The process begins with a design that has to be "digitized" which is the specialized process of converting two dimensional artwork into stitches.